Zombies Halloween celebrations

Moore Zombies: Halloween

by Wendy Knuth


The Moore zombie brothers prepare to Halloween.
The story starts with Kamper, Broheimer, Gothina and baby Zom carving & decorating pumpkins. Each one of them uses a different technique and
has different goals for his (or her) pumpkin. This is a great opportunity for
the author to explain a little bit about the history of Halloween, which she does so well. It’s so neatly seamed into the story that the reader won’t even feel the
teaching moment. I love it!
The Moores have a little intrigue with trick or treaters before heading to the Halloween fair. They have quite the adventure there, but the real scary part
happens when they get back home.
Don’t let the zombie theme fool you. This is a fun story about a close-knit family and brotherly love and the length they go to show their love and care.
This is a great read for kids in 2nd -3rd grade who read well and enjoy reading
about gross stuff.
I enjoyed this story very much, I just wished there’d be more pictures in it!