Yuck. Shopping.

If you had to choose one chore that you completely despise, what will that be?
For me, its grocery shopping. I postpone my weekly trip to the market until I hear at least 3-4 time “there’s nothing to eat in this house!” or “the fridge is absolutely empty”. Usually it’s my own voice saying that. Sigh.
The market I go to is a shabby worn down place but it carries great fresh produce at low prices, that’s why it’s always packed. There are people of different ethnicities buying there and I find it fascinating. This is the one bright spot at doing grocery shopping.
Last week, I saw two elderly nuns feeling up the watermelons. As far as I know there aren’t any monasteries in the local vicinity, and I wonder, where did they come from?
Then, there was this other old little lady. She looked like a Russian babushka with her head kerchief tied under her chin. A golden tooth replaced one of her molars, and she had only one incisor. She looked like she jumped out of a Tolstoy’s novel.
Then there was this Druze family wearing traditional clothing. The mother asked me, what you do with that, when I reached for the broccoli. And then, a young pregnant yuppie complained about the kale being not so fresh.

Going to this market is like watching a 80’s sitcom, every week there is a new episode.