Who am I #3 : A coder

I was 16 when I first my lay eyes on a computer. This was it.


Well, it was the early ’80 and I was a high school student who signed up for computer-programming studies
although I never saw a computer. Well, I guess that’s the geek version of an adventure.
The very first thing you learn as a coder is a little piece of software that instructs the machine to
type “Hello World” onto the screen. It’s pretty basic, and so was the programming language we
used back then BASIC.
When I saw those words flickering on the screen I felt like I stepped into one of Asimov’s stories.
I immediately saw the potential encapsulated in this new machine. Earlier that year I was introduced to sci-fi
literature and seeing the machine executing my commands was a thrill.
That instance I knew. I found my calling.
Up to that moment, my biggest passion in life was reading, but if you think about it both books and computer code
are based on words. And truth to be told, I actually like reading computer code.
It’s like reading a play. You have structure.
A well-written code tells a beautiful story. It has mystery and charm. Well, it’s not a murder story where
you try to figure out who the killer is, but you do have to collect clues as you’re reading along and find out what the code is supposed to do. I love reading code and I love writing code.