Who am I #2 : A librarian

Do you remember the moment you learned to read?
I do. It was an aha moment, maybe the first aha moment I’ve ever experienced.
Suddenly, all the letters had meaning. I could translate the written words into pictures that showed inside my mind and that was amazing. Being able to read filled me with an incredible amount of joy.
From that day forward I read anything and everything. Street signs, food labels, local businesses ads, crossword definition, magazines and of course – books.
Few months into 1st grade I’ve already become a voracious reader and my mother signed me up to the local library.
Entering the library was, for me, like discovering a new continent. The librarians noticed my passion and they fed my never-ending-reading-hunger with timeless classics like Little Women and A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy.
I loved everything they gave me and the next day I came back hungry for more, so, when I turned 15 they offered me
a job.
I was a junior librarian. That was my dream job.
During low hours I could hide between the shelves and delve into a good book.  Surrounded by all these great reads I could pretend that I live in John’s Galt village from Atlas shrugged, and occasionally I would go on vacation to Irving’s New Hampshire hotel.
Up to this day, when I step into a library, anywhere in the world, I immediately feel at home.