Who am I #1: A dancer

There was no ultrasound technology at the late ‘60 when my soon-to-be mother was about to give birth, so no one could predict that I would come to the world with my feet first. It is still considered a rare position for a fetus to be born even amongst those rarest cases who aren’t born with their head first.
When the midwife caught a glimpse of my little feet she said, this one will surely be a dancer.
Well, it’s true in some measure. I do enjoy dancing.
But, if being a dancer means people paying money to see me dance, then her prophecy couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, on several occasions people actually suggested to pay me good money in order to stop dancing. True, those people were my husband and kids and I was goofing around at our living room, but still, I am as far away from a dancer as a two left-footed woman is.
I do enjoy my Zumba classes, though. Does that count?
Here is my favorite Zumba instructor in a clip created by my daughter.

Full discloser: both of them came into the world head first, maybe that’s  why they know exactly what they’re doing…