Where is it?!

Ernie the elephant and the teddy bear by Leela hope
 star-full_sstar-full_sstar-full_sstar-full_sI was intrigued about this book because the protagonist in my books
is also an elephant who has a rat as a friend. Of course, the similarities
end here. Apart from being an elephant and a rat Leela Hope’s characters
are quite different from mine.
It is quite amazing that characters which are created in several short
sentences have such a different personality, and Ernie’s personality
is quite distinct.
The plot follows Ernie as he looks for his lost teddy bear, Plum.
Ernie’s loss is heartbreaking and I’m sure any child would identify.
All of us  misplace our toys sometimes.
Sometimes a lost toy is just a metaphor for a deeper feeling.
These stories teach the kids how to cope with grief.
But this book isn’t so heavy. It is about the fun of the search.
If anything, it teaches kids to be systematic and organized.

The rhyming is nice and the illustrations are sweet.
I particularly liked the illustration of Ernie and Martin running down the stairs. It demonstrates the hurry.