When Reality and dream mix

The Magician’s Dream

by LeAnn Mathis


On his first day of high school, Franklin meets the girl of his dreams. Literary.
Every night, Franklin dreams about a wonderful world full of magic, where he
plays and practice magic with his friend Maddie.
Apparently, Maddie has the same dreams. She is amazed to discover the
boy from her dreams in her classroom. It doesn’t take long before the two
of them realize that the magical world of their dreams is some kind of a
different realm, and when a bomb sets off in the magical realm, the two worlds collide.
It’s up to Franklin and Maddie to find and fight the evil magician Julius, who turns out to be different than what they thought.
The story takes place during the ’60 and it touches the subject of racism
without going too deep.
I think this book has potential, I liked it a lot, but I think it could have
been much better with a little more attention to details.
There are numerous typos, grammar errors and even name confusion (Franklin switched with Julius) throughout the book.
I usually don’t mind some typos in the text, but there too many to be ignored.
I also didn’t like the ending, it felt rushed and it didn’t close all the story lines. It would have been OK if it was the first book in a series, but not for a standalone book.