Unusual detectives

 Sugar & Clive and the Bank Robbery by Alexandra Amor

This story is a based on a classic thriller formula: a crime is committed and
there are some driven detectives who have the motive and will to investigate.
Only this story has a twist – the detectives are animals: Sugar is a dog, and Clive,
her best friend, is a bird. They investigate the crime by questioning other animals
who live on Dogwood Island, where Sugar and Clive reside and where the crime
was committed. The arsenal of animals includes cats and goats and mice and 2 dumb
but very funny seagulls. The story is told via the animal’s point of view, and it is original and refreshing to read a story told by animals and how they relate to their owners: “Humans” in the animal’s lingo.
Since this is a children book, the crime isn’t scary. It’s a bank robbery as indicated on the title.

This is fast-paced, funny adventure that any animal-loving child would enjoy reading. The recommend age group is 9-18 but in my opinion early readers age 7 who are capable or reading chapter books would enjoy this little tale.
I feel that the simple cover isn’t doing right for this fine book.