Travel in time with little Miss History

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT VERNON

by Barbara Ann Mojica, illustrated by Victor Ramon Mojica



Little Miss history rides her white horse to George Washington’s
farm at Mount Vernon.
She gives the reader a full tour of the rooms and the plantations where she points to interesting artifacts and shares
interesting facts with the reader.
The story is long enough to explore Mount Vernon’s hidden gems, and it’s paced beautifully to keep a young kid’s attention.
It captures all the interesting bits of Washington’s life at
Mount Vernon so a child can learn without feeling she’s actually
The artwork is superb. It’s like an augmented reality picture book style with the illustrations of Little Miss History carefully placed on top of the real photographs
of Mount Vernon. Some of the illustrations are more transparent and giving the reader a ghostly feel. It’s very appropriate, in my opinion.
I specifically liked the illustration featuring Little Miss History reaction to the “Nessacary house”. It’s so funny!