Advantages of being small

The Mouse Bird

by Helena Macalino
Illustrator Milena Radeva


Squeak is a tiny mouse with cocoa brown fur and black black eyes.
She is nice and friendly.
As some other tiny creatures, Squeak biggest wish is to be bigger.
Then she meets a magical creature who grants her wish.
This is the Wish Fish who is the narrator of the story.
But Squeak soon finds out that there are advantages to being tiny, and then
she must find the Wish Fish to change her back before dreadful things would happen.

I like the use of language in this story. It’s excatly right for beginner readers.
It’s intriguing and challenging, there are some metaphors and some uncommon words,
but it’s not too sophisticated.

The watercolor illustrations are bright and lovely. Each spread is composed of a nice
chunk of text, an illustration of the scene and a small illustrated detail
which is always eye catching and beautiful and enlighten the text.
Most books use simple fonts, but this one uses a special font which blends perfectly
with the story adding some more to the fairytale vibe.
Helena Macalino is a 3rd grader. I guess she knows her audience, being at the same age.
I’m sure her story would inspire many kids.