The many uses of bubblegum

The Great Skeeter Battle, Bubblegum Mike, Book 1

by Geoffrey Saign


Simpletown Minnesota, 1905.
Wild skeeters, which are huge mosquitos, huge enough to carry a cow,
are terrorizing the country.
And there is Mike, a shy, timid, bubblegum loving young boy who craves
for friendship but doesn’t know how to get it. So, Mike accepts a stupid dare,
and while trying to complete it he meets a skeeter and without any real effort-
fights it. Mike is considered a hero, but deep down he knows he isn’t. He’s
nothing but a lie telling coward, and lies tend to get bigger and get you
into trouble, so does Mike’s mom always say. True enough, Mike’s lies
gets bigger the same way the skeeter swarms grows. Poor Mike doesn’t
dare to tell the truth.  But then he has to stand up to his heroic reputation. Good thing he has enough newfangled gum to put in his mouth…

The newfangled bubblegum is the true hero of the story, it helps Mike and the simpletons to fights those horrific skeeters and saves their farm animals, and
of course – their lives.
Mike is an authentic character, and I’m sure many kids will identify with him although he doesn’t own a smartphone or TV.
The plot is thrilling and exciting, you can’t put it down until the very last page.
However, I think that young kids might find the skeeters quite intimidating so I wouldn’t recommend this for children under 8 years old.