Talking crow

Polly, Stubby & Al

by D.B. Silvis


Based on a true story, this chapter book tells the story of an animal loving family
and their pets. One day, Mama Sara stumbles upon an injured crow.
She treats him back to health but when she releases him back to the wild,
it doesn’t want to leave. It’s not the family who adopts a pet but the other way around.
They name it Al.
As part of his injuries, Al’s tongue was badly cut. This is a blessing in disguise as
it gives Al the ability to speak. Yes, Al is a talking crow.
The book is basically a collection of Al’s mischevious deeds, from drinking the
neighbor’s milk, to teasing the family’s dog Stubby and dropping Mrs. Boyle’s
clean laundry onto the ground. Al is very smart. He is aware of his bad actions, which makes it even more fun. But then a storm is coming and Al isn’t home. The family is worried. Will he make it? You should read the story to find out!
This is a sweet and funny little book about a nice family and interesting pets. Animal-loving kids would enjoy reading about Al’s  pranks.