Sweet bedtime story

Bedtime for Buzzy

by T.J. Hackworth
Illustrator Sean Baptist


This book is a perfect bedtime story for active little kids who
love imaginative plays.
Buzzy, the hero of this little story is a child like that.
When Dad says it’s bedtime, Buzzy is in the middle of many
adventures with his toys, and he doesn’t want to stop
playing and go to sleep. But then, his toys say they are tired,
and they ask to rest. Buzzy is also getting a little bit sleepy, but
only when the explorer suggests a way to continue
playing while sleeping, Buzzy is willing to put his head down and close his eyes.
The illustrations are lovely.
They are colorful and they have this childish look as if Buzzy have drawn them himself, which adds
another layer to Buzzy’s imaginative play.
We never see Buzzy in the illustrations, just the toys.
This adds a bit of a mystery to the book, and enhance
the feeling that the illustrations are created by Buzzy. I love it!
I think this little story might open a discussion between parents and
their highly imaginative kids about the importance of sleep and rest.