Sweet as a Pea

Sweet Pea’s Christmas

by Marcia Leiter


Sweet Pea is a little bunny who lives in a quiet cozy hole by the stream.
The story starts when Sweet Pea gets aunt Lennie’s holiday newsletter
and finds out that the aunt and her family are coming to Sweet Pea’s for Christmas. Sweet Pea needs to prepare. Luckily, it’s just December
1st and she has enough time to get everything ready for the holiday.
But then, other family members write to say they are coming too.
Sweet Pea must work hard and overcome some obstacles in order to make everything ready on time.
The illustrations are whimsical and funny. They are full of little
details for the young readers to discover on second or third reads, and
I’m sure those little hands would love to browse this delightful book over and over again.
The combination of text and illustrations is very clever.
Some details of the story are told via illustrations only, making the read more interesting and challenging.
There are some learning opportunities too. The numbers are typed in
different color and font size, thus the reader can identify them easily.
And then there is the seek and find section which will occupy curious
minds for many hours. I also love the activities at the end, where the author shares with the readers Sweet’s Pea ornaments ideas and recipes.
Although I find the book quite charming, I think it’s somewhat too long.
There are too many repititions to my taste and there isn’t any development in the plot, that’s why I give it only 4 stars.
On the other hand, its the illustrations that make this story, not the text, and they are wonderful.