Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time
written by Marti Dumas illustrated by Marie Muravski

JT is a determinate 5 years old kindergartner who hates reading books but LOVES screens.
Tablet, smartphone or laptop computer, JT isn’t picky, as long as it has a screen it will do.
JT parents are all about books. They don’t allow JT any screen time.
None at all what so ever and it doesn’t matter how much begs.
JT isn’t discouraged, quite the opposite. He designed a scientific brilliant no fail
plan to achieve his precious screen time. But then, the plan fails miserably.
For a minute JT thinks that he would never ever get screen time.
Luckily, JT’s teacher Miss Bates comes to his rescue quite unknowingly.
It does take some more persistence and persuasions but JT isn’t one to give up.
This is a very funny story with an empowering message to every young child who finds obstacles paving the path that leads to his goal –
if you want something, you have to pursue it and never give up.
If it doesn’t work try another way and another way and don’t rest
until you achieve your goal.
The black & white cartoon-like illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.
They enrich the story with more fun details and information.
Altogether this is an entertaining read that even kids who hate reading would probably enjoy.