Not accepting reviews at the moment. 

• I review fiction and non-fiction children books up to 150 pages long. I don’t review poetry, textbooks, and bi-lingual books.
• I do not get paid for my reviews.
• I review only books that I like. If I can’t honestly rate your book with at least 3 stars I will not review it.
• I accept only digital copies (.mobi, .epub). Pdf is also acceptable.
• Self-published authors are welcome! Being a self-published author myself I know how difficult it is to get your book reviewed.
• I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon.
• My reviews are copyrighted and remain my intellectual property. If you would like to use my review somewhere other than where I have posted it, please link it back to my blog.
• Please fill the form below to request a review. Books send not via the form will be discarded.

Please note, I am not accepting books for review at the moment.