Fine Tuning

I start my week with Pilates class. I can’t live without it. For me, Pilates is like water and food.
Without it my back is stiff. I walk bent over like the hatchback from Notredam. Every single movement hurts, even simple ones as nodding my head.
Then, I stumble and sway into Pilates class knowing it’s going to cure me.
We start stretching with very simple movements like bending to the sides and leaning forward. My whole body aches. From head to the tip of the tows. Every muscle is screaming and asking me to stop. My body resists, but I don’t give up. I clench my teeth and continue. After a while, my back gives up. It surrenders into the stretch. Suddenly, everything is smoother as if the screws that held my back stiff have melted, and now I have butter in my spine. I just love this feeling.