Know your herbs

Good Morning, Chickalina

by Sonal Panse


Chikalina’s father is sick. He has a sour throat and his voice is hoarse so
he can’t wake up the farmer for his daily chores. Mama Hen sends Chikalina
to get some ginger for papa Rooster’s tea.
It’s a lot of responsibility for a young hungry chick like Chickalina but she’s
very determined. So, she goes to the farm animals in search for some ginger.
The animals don’t have ginger but they have other herbs so she gathers catnip
and thyme and lots of other herbs. Her trip is long and her little tummy is rumbling when she meets the pig, who acts like a pig.
Chikalina is in distress. She is hungry and tired when the cavalry arrives at her rescue. Well, a metaphorical cavalry of course.
(hint: they are yellow and have fin-like legs)
The illustrations are bright, colorful and simply delightful.
The book is a little bit long. Chickalina meets a lot of farm animals on her quest, and I think that might be too much for a young kid.
The herbs illustrations are a nice addition. They appear throughout the story
and then at the end there is a page with all of them. Kids would love to browse through the pages and discover these little details.