It’s not my fault!

Blame Bogart

by Diane Rose Duffy

Bogart, the narrator of Blame Bogart, doesn’t want to be referred as dog or canine,
although he is a dog. Golden Retriever, to be exact. After eight years with the Clarks
Bogart feels like one of them and prefers to be addressed as a Clark, which is pretty
accurate in my opinion. As a dog owner, I feel our dog is part of the family.

Bogart has a big furry problem. Its name is Ginger and she’s a cat.  Ginger is the latest
addition to Clark’s family, and Bogart isn’t happy with that. He doesn’t like that feline, not
one bit. And for a good reason. Mischevious Ginger makes all kind of tricks and frames
poor Bogart who always takes the blame. Luckily, Grandpa Mike and his old parrot Nellie move in with the Clarks.
Nellie witnesses Ginger tricks and devises a clever plan that makes Ginger pay for
her deeds. Blame Bogart is a chapter book for beginner readers, especially those
who like pets.
The message of the story would also make it a suitable for kids who expect a little
brother or sister. They would probably identify with Bogart’s thoughts about the
newcomer into the family, who steals the attention bogart deserves.
The story is written by a cooperation of a grandma and granddaughter, which is quite delightful. You can feel the love between the two co-authors between the lines,  and this
is like the cherry on top of this bittersweet read.
I would recommend this book for grandparents to read with their grandkids.