If dogs could speak, what would they say?

What Dogs Like

by Joanne Hinds


This rhyming story is told in first person’s point of view by a dog.
The Canine narrator, which remains nameless throughout the book, invites the
young readers into his world and teaches them how to interact with dogs.

I think this book has an important lesson to teach. As a dog owner, I appreciate the
effort done here. I think there is room for more books in this series, like advanced communication techniques for situations not covered in this book, for example, when meeting other dogs in the dog park, or when you have company.
However, I feel that the storytelling method used in the book somewhat diminishes the message.
First of all, there aren’t any names in the script, and I find it hard to relate to general descriptions like children, mom, dad etc. I think the story would have been so
much better with some “showing” instead of “telling”.
The illustrations are pretty basic stock imagery and I think that using lively images or even photographs would have created a bigger emotional connection.
With that being said, I believe that the text can provide a discussion starting point about the family dog, and in my opinion, that’s a good enough reason to get this book.