Girl power

The Impossible Rescue (The Castle Sisters #1)

by Jason Krumbine


Faith Castle and Summer Castle are sisters. Faith is 12 years old and
Summer is 9 years old. They live with their uncle Jacen Castle because their
parents are dead. Uncle Jacen is rich and smart and he is homeschooling the girls.
Faith is the brain. She is studying academic level courses and plans everything
carefully. Summer is more spontaneous. She trusts her instincts and isn’t afraid to leap. Together they are this crime fighting duo, who catches criminals
that terrorize New York city for many months.
Then, uncle Jacen is kidnapped by agent Dark. The girls must rescue him,
although they don’t have any clue about his location or why he was kidnapped.
This is a fascinating mystery story featuring powerful female protagonists and a great sense of humor. It is funny, smart, and empowering. A great read for
adventure-loving girls ages 8-12.