Fly high little firefly

Franny the Fearless Firefly by Christina Murphey

Franny is a fearless firefly. It’s stated in the first sentence of this
lovely picture book. And then we get to see all sorts of wonderful
displays of Franny’s fearlessness.
She flies high, she flies low. She takes risks and almost turns into food –
almost is the key word here.
Franny plays a dangerous game but she enjoys being free and careless.
Franny’s father doesn’t share those feelings. He worries.
Franny’s friends also worry, and apparently they all have a very good reason!
Franny gets caught in a situation she can’t escape.
That makes her reflect about all her fearless behavior,
and she decides to change.
I’m not sure I agree with the message here. True, children do tend to take unnecessary risks and danger themselves.
I think that they shouldn’t be discouraged but taught how to
take more calculated risks.
Although I feel differently about the message, I do recommend
this lovely book. The story is well told, and the illustrations are sweet.
I particularly liked the picture of Franny’s friends hiding behind the flowers.
I think little kids would enjoy the challenge of finding the little
fireflies hiding places.

I also like all teaching points in the book, with many words
starting with F. I think it’s a great addition which will surely delight those beginner readers.

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