Even Santa needs help

How Santa Changed

by Karl Steam
Illustrator: Maksym Stasiuk


The  first thing that catches the eye when you open this book is the amazing 3D illustrations. They are vivid, colorful and so full of life, they deserve
5-stars rating by themselves. They are truly magnificent.
The story is a sweet, funny, rhyming tale about young Santa when his hair was still brown and his belly pretty flat. Back then Santa used to make all the Christmas presents by himself, and a mighty moose carried Santa’s sleigh
into the sky and all over the world.
Then the cities grew. Santa had to work all day to make toys for all the good boys and girls. He was so worried he wouldn’t make it on time that his beard turn white!
There were so many presents to deliver that one moose couldn’t carry the sleigh by himself, adding one more would have solved the problem if only those two could get
along and fly together in the same direction. Luckily Santa came by some raindeers
who were willing to do the job…
But this story isn’t just a lovely Christmas tale about how Santa became this loveable chubby folk figure, it has a profound message about seeking help from others in times of need.
Kids would enjoy reading the story and adults would enjoy it too. I laughed out loud when I got to the last page.