Brushing in the dark

I turned on the bathroom light, well, I tried to.
The light bulb went poof when I touched the switch. It was a little scary. Explosions are scary, even the small ones, the light bulb size. They make my heart race.
And then, a dilemma presented herself. ¬†It wasn’t an immediate life-changing dilemma, but a small one, light bulb size.
What do I do now? Brush my teeth in the dark or skip brushing and risk gingivitis.
It was a full moon night, and the bathroom was lit with this amazing romantic white dim light. So, I decided to be a little dark and daring, after all, no one wants gingivitis.
It’s amazing how a small task like brushing your teeth changes when you do it in the dark. Everything is a challenge. Like finding your toothbrush, and knowing that it’s yours and not your husband’s. Then, putting a mental note to yourself of where you put the toothpaste lid.
Suddenly, everything is an adventure.
I was quite enjoying myself. The view from the bathroom window was amazing. The neighbor’s house vanished completely in the dark of the night and all I could see were the tree tops, dancing in the summer breeze, and the moon playing hide and seek.
As I was washing my mouth I got excited about flossing, which was funny, because I hate flossing. I try to find excuses to avoid it. It was as if the explosion had brought in magic.
I was feeling my way to the floss when my husband came in.
What are you doing here in the dark, he asked, and being his efficient self he replaced the broken light bulb.

View from the bathroom window