Bear with Bear

This book features a novel storytelling technique that combines fiction with non-fiction.
It’s a rare breed in the children’s books field, so if you are looking for a conventional book you should continue your search, but if you’re on a lookout for an original, non-traditional work then take a look inside.
Nine-year-old Bear is set on having a critter as a pet. After failed attempts to adopt beetles and snails, he has to settle on a book with pictures of bugs. This is a great opportunity for him to annoy his little sister, Penelope, who is afraid of bugs.
When his parents decide to bring home a cat to help Penelope with her nightmares, Bear helps Kitty find her wild side. As a consequence, Penelope’s nightmares get even worse!
Over-tired Mom is about to give in on the snake debate, which seems to be a perfect solution for all, but Bear has other plans…
Read how Bear manages to get his dream pet and what inspired the author to write this entertaining and beautifully illustrated picture book suited for kids ages 6-9 years old, especially those craving a pet. Any pet.