Be careful what you wish for

The Ninth Birthday Wish

by Bruce Arrington
Illustrator Florence Jayne


Bril and Arisa are nine years old twins. Although they share the same
birthday they are as different as a brother and sister can be, both
physically and also character wise.
Every year, for their birthday, they travel to a gateway land, where a
magical pond grants them their wishes.
As the water turn yellow, Bril, the first born,  needs to state his wish,
but he can’t decide what he wants and hot-tempered Arisa gets
tired of waiting. She’s afraid she won’t have time for her wish,
so she steps forward and states what she wants.
Then, just seconds before the water change color Bril says his wish,
but oh dear, the wishes get tangled! Bril gets Arisa’s and she gets his.
At first, they are both mad at each other. How dare the other one steal
my wish? But then, they join forces and learn that they can put aside
their differences and enjoy playing together.

The story is very sweet and enjoyable.
I liked the acrylic illustrations, they have texture and depth. As if they
have their own personality.
I also liked the language used in the story and especially the rhyming.
It’s pleasing to read it out loud and enjoy its richness, however, some
words might be too hard for young readers. I think that with proper
guidance from parents or teachers these words might turn into a fun
learning experience.