… and the city

I had to run some errands in the big city. I can tell you honestly, Tel Aviv in the summertime is no fun. At least not for the introvert quiet seeking me.

I had 2 hours to kill, so I found myself seated in a busy café at one of the malls.
The never parade of people! It’s  a sour sight on an overwhelmed eye.
I like people. I really do. But I can’t stand the emptiness hollow feeling when so many strangers walk by.
Some of them examine me. But most of them don’t even notice me. I blend in.
It’s amazing how an individual can become transparent in a big crowd. I am not a person anymore, I am just this organic material occupying this chair at this corner.

I order coffee. An indifferent waitress brings the cup. It’s dirty. I can clearly see the lipstick marks of the previous drinker. It’s disgusting, but it gets along with the general theme of non-caring.
There is no empathy here.
Maybe I’m too provincial, but after two hours at this noisy little corner, I miss my little country house. Can’t wait to get back home.