Hagit R. Oron became an avid reader minutes after she learned to read.
During her teens she worked as a librarian in a public library just to be close to books, where she soon found out that she’s a born book matchmaker that is connecting the right person with the right book.
Surrounded by all those books inspired her to start writing, too. She day-dreamed her first stories while commuting to her job at the library. She submitted them to youth magazines and found some success but then at 16 years old she realized that she’s an excellent code writer, so for many years she devoted  herself to embedded real-time programming where she wrote tens of thousands of code lines. Most of them began with an if.
Fiction was bubbling inside her and after two decades of code writing it suddenly erupted in the form of picture books. She had to give in.
Now she devotes her days to writing adorable stories for kids. But she utilizes her code-writing years to bury little Easter eggs in her stories, by telling some of the story with illustration and by hiding messages aimed to the adult reader in the text. It’s her book matchmaking skills that make her stories appeal to broad audience.

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