by Lee Ann Mancini, illustration: Dan Sharp


It’s Easter Sunday in Coralhood, which is a beneath the sea town.
All the sea kids search for eggs at the playground near the church. Among them is Paul, who is autistic.
Paul wants to find one of the three special eggs that gives the kids an opportunity to collect a special prize,
but he doesn’t get any and he’s upset. Miss Linda, the teacher, tries to convince Jimmy,  one of the students
who found two of the three special eggs, to share his eggs with Paul. Just then Pastor Jerry enters the classroom with terrible news – Lenny was hit by a boat propeller!
Miss Linda, the sea kids, and the entire town pray for Lenny’s recovery. Paul adds a special pray, he asks
that Jimmy would share one of his eggs with him. And Jimmy asks Jesus for guidance because he doesn’t
want to share.
But then, Jimmy has a change of heart, it’s an Easter Miracle, one of many. Paul is happy to get a prize
from the treasure chest, but in the spirit of sharing, he is giving it forward.

This is a Christian book, aimed to teach kids about the meanings of Easter, and I believe the audience
are kids between the ages 6 and 8. The book is an invitation for a conversation between the parent or caretaker and the kids about the holiday.
The computerized illustrations are beautiful, very bright and colorful. It was nice to see that each sea
kid is a different sea creature. Brian and Lenny are manatees, Jimmy is a sea horse, Miss Linda is a lobster, etc.
I think the story might be a little scary for young kids because of Lenny’s severe injury. but perhaps
that’s just an opportunity to discuss marine life and the dangers they face from the hands of mankind.

Personally, I prefer subtext to me more subtle, but since I’m Jewish I don’t have the tools to appreciate the religious messages in the story.