More mowing rambling

I never knew I have so many insights about lawn mowing before opening this blog. I’m not sure these ramblings are interesting. But I know I would enjoy reading them in the future. So, here’s to looking at future me.

So, today, after completing the monotonic never ending task of cutting the grass it was time to adjust the sprinklers. These guys are the reason the grass grows in weird places like between the stairs. Who would have guessed that grass can grow on a bed of concrete?
Well, grass is smart that way. Guess it’s smarter than me, cause all this time I was breaking my back mowing and weeding while I should have cut the water supply instead. Duh.
So, here I am, it’s 8 am in the morning. The grass is all beautifully cut and smelling delicious. Wasps and black birds are enjoying the free meal complimentary by moi.
I’m all sweaty, literary dripping salty waters. My face is watermelon red. And I’m thinking this is the perfect time to adjust the damn sprinklers, right?
Huh. It’s just an excuse. I confess.  It’s just an excuse to get wet. A splash of cold water after the hard labor, it doesn’t get better than that.
My husband comes out to assist in this delicate task.
Traditionally, lawn mowing in considered man’s work. Well, not in my house. I don’t care much about traditions anyway.
So, it is I who mow the lawn and maintain the car, I mean, take it to the garage.  My husband washes the floors. I think it’s fair. It’s working for us and we are married for almost three decades now.
So, here we are, a middle-aged couple adjusting the sprinklers or actually enjoying the splash on a regular weekday morning. These little moments of joy are what’s make a happy marriage.