Looking for some action?

Ten Terrific Monsters: A Hidden Item Book

by Chris Mason
Illustrator Vladimir Cebu


This is a fun activity book for kids who enjoy “Where is Waldo” series.
Each illustration in the book is loaded with hidden details which the reader
is asked to find. There is a list of all the hidden items on the consecutive page, so the
reader might browse back and forth until discovering them all.
Some of those items are pretty hard to detect, which is fun and exciting but can also lead
to some frustration. Not to worry, if you give up you can browse to the end of the
book where you’ll find the original illustrations with the hidden items circled. I’ve had
several aha moments when I looked at those…
Although there is a story which is supposed to connect all the illustrations into
a certain theme, the story isn’t the main thing in this book, and in my opinion, it’s
basically redundant.
The theme of the illustrations isn’t suited for young kids as they might be a little scary.
Also,  the items are very small and the illustrations are full of details, which might be too
much for preschoolers, but older kids (eight-year-old and up) would probably
have hours of fun trying to locate all the treasures in this book.