Let’s get physical

I was mowing the lawn early this morning. It was 7 in the am and I was already sweating profusely like a pig.
I love sweating. Yeah. I mean, it gives me a sense of achievement. I must be doing some badass work if I’m sweating like that, right?
And I love mowing the lawn. Yes! It can be a bit tedious; Sisyphean even, especially at this time of the year. The lawn grows so fast, I can literary see it grows while I’m still mowing.
But nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass. I inhale it all in; close my eyes and feel like I’m in heaven. I just LOVE it.
I read somewhere that this smell is actually a signal for predators. Not lions and tigers and bears o my, but the sort of beetles and birds and other winged creatures. The grass is calling these predators and inviting them to feast on worms and other little crawlers, which feed on its roots. That’s awesome, right?
The rotating invader in the shape of a lawn mower exposes the grass root and as a consequence the miniature grass eating bugs are revealed for every bug-eater which is out there.  So the smell of freshly cut grass is actually a win-win symbiotic situation between grass and worm-eaters (not to mention the mower…).
Of course it’s hard to appreciate this symbiosis if you are a worm, but I guess someone has to be on the losing side of the win-win equation, right? So, let it be worm.
I’m a nature lover and all but I must admit that worms give me the creeps.
The physical labor always gets my creative juices flowing, well, in addition to tremendous amount of sweat. So, here I am, after a good shower, sitting at my desk. The A/C is on. I feel so fortunate.