Missing Dad

I Miss You All Day, All Week

by Konnilaree Sanders

Little Abigail can’t sleep so she goes over her nightly list trying
to spot what she missed. Then she realizes what she’s been
missing is her Dad. She is missing him all day long when he
is at work. This is so adorable. What a fantastic insight!
Abigail’s Dad comforts her. Soon it will be the weekend, he says,
and we can play together. They count all their favorite activities
and plan their perfect weekend.
The wait is hard for little Abigail, but soon the weekend comes
and she and her Dad can play and have fun all day long.
The artwork is very sweet and it matches perfectly to the tone of the story.
This book is a delight. It has an important message about patience and about how to deal with separation. I’m sure many kids will identify with Abigail.