Helping fart

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey

by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson
illustrated by Danko Herrera


Timmy is nervous about hockey tryouts. He’s afraid the kids will
laugh at him. Little Fart, Timmy’s best friend tries to encourage him but
he just makes him more nervous.
Worried about his friend, little Fart secretly joins Timmy to the hockey
arena, where he does his best to help Timmy get into the team.
I know kids like fart stories, just mentioning the word fart makes them giggle with joy. Well, fart stories aren’t my cup of tea but I liked this story because
the fart isn’t a cheap trick.
In fact, the fart has two roles, he is Timmy’s imaginary friend, so he talks and listens, but he is also a fart, and the plot utilizes this fact in a most convincing way.
The story is nice and sweet, it isn’t gross like the title implies, and it makes a
relaxing read for little boys and girls who are intimidated by team sports.
However, I feel that the illustrations diminish the message of the story. They are banal and don’t reflect the emotions very well.