Moments of joy

Muse is a wild untamed creature. Usually, one finds herself chasing the muse’s tail, trying to grab a thread of the lightest feather, something to hold on to while the muse runs around like a crazy cat.
There are rare occasions when the muse comes and sits on your lap. Suddenly everything is sharply clear and bright. All those scattered thoughts are collected; they align perfectly and the words are flying out of your keyboard like thunders on a tropical storm. And the words are just right, they mean exactly what you want to say. It’s fantastic.
Unfortunately, the muse gets bored easily. That’s why these rare moments of clarity last, well, only moments, but that is how true genius is born.
I heard that some of the greatest songs were written in less than 10 minutes. Oasis supersonic is one example.
I find it overwhelming. One minute there is nothing, absolutely nothing, and then something beautiful emerges like venus out of the shell.
I am not suggesting that ‘Elphie and Dad go on an epic adventure’ is genius; there is a saying in Hebrew which translates roughly to something like – the baker can’t testify on his batter.
All I’m saying is that it took me less than an hour to write the story and poof, it was there.
Most of the time writing is a struggle. Sometimes it takes weeks, months even to finalize a story, and this just actualized in an instance. It was truly magical.

It took 2 more years to illustrate, edit and perfect the story, but the changes in the story and the plot were minor. The idea and the message didn’t change at all.
I would never forget those clear moments when the story just appeared in my mind. It was so fulfilling. It is because of these moments that I became a writer.