Rabid rabbit

The rabbit ate my homework by Rachel Elizabeth Cole

Drew and Libby are brother and sister. Their parents work full time,
so Drew has to take care of his little sister every afternoon after school,
a task he does quite reluctantly especially after Libby, who proves to be
smarter than a regular 6 years old, threatens to reveal his secret to Mom
and Dad unless he helps her keep the stray rabbit they found in the ditch.
Drew has no choice but to surrender to Libby’s demands, thus one secret
soon becomes two secrets and then quickly a web of lies is entangled
around poor Drew.The rabbit is the heart of this sweet story.
It appears only on the second chapter but does enough damage for the
next 20 as it nibbles and chews everything that comes by its way.
Not only Drew’s homework, as hinted by the title, but also Drew’s clothes,
comics, and even his bed.

The plot thickens when Drew decides to avenge Maya and Ally for bullying him.
All in all, it is a little too much for eleven years old Drew, and the reader is relieved
when eventually everything is revealed and settled.

The secret which is the driving force of this fast pacing plot is the weakest link of it all,
and it’s my feeling that the story would be much better without it,
but never the less, this is a fun and interesting story that would appeal to advanced readers, 3rd to 6th graders, especially those who are longing for a pet. Any pet.