Hello, world!

Writing the first post on a new blog is like opening a box with a cat in it. While the box is still closed, it’s like a white screen; anything is possible. There is so much potential. The cat is both alive and dead.
There you have it. The Schrödinger dilemma in blog style.
Sigh. Writing down the dilemma actually diminishes it, right? I mean, the screen isn’t blank anymore.
There is some potential left, I hope. Alas, you, my reader, might be somewhat disappointed by now. I know I am.
Naughty fingers. I command you to write something brilliant and that’s what you come up with?
Of course, I can always press the delete button and start all over. Frog everything like I sometimes do with my knitting. Yes, I knit. Yawn. Actually, I love knitting. It is so much like writing. A ball of yarn plays the character of the blank screen and everything is possible. I could even knit a cat. Or, I could give that ball of yarn to an actual living cat to play with it.
It should be called the Miao dilemma.
Well, Here I am. Almost two hundred words into the first post on my new blog and I’ve managed to write about nothing at all. I guess that’s a statement; or maybe not…